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We Pickup where your web designer left off.

Helping our clients get what they need, through focused guidance.

We provide specialized services for new and existing WordPress sites for businesses requiring quality website for their products, services and specialties.

35% of the ALL THE websites on the Internet, are now ran on WordPress…..

Sure WordPress is easy to install and use, which is why there are so many “shops” & “Individuals” us it to create some amazing looking websites for individuals and businesses.  However, where they leave off, we start to specialize. WordPress has a ‘target‘ on it’s back due to its popularity.  Automated attacks happen all the time taking down WordPress sites and crippling the ability for an “individual” or “business” to connect with their intended audience.

With so many WordPress websites, as easy as it is to install WordPress, a very large percentage of these sites overlook the four most important things, especially if they sell products or services from those sites.  SoCalCreations understands these critical needs, our services and specialities are constantly being improved for our current and potential clients.  We believe without these services, your site will be compromised, lost or over looked by search engines as well a your visitors if the information is not delivered quickly.

Are Our Services important for your sites survivability?

SoCalCreations specializes in WordPress Security…




Speed Enhancement

Search Engines prefer faster sites, Google prefers websites to load in under 3 seconds. Does yours?


Your Site deserves YOUR CONTENT, not ‘stock footage’, or images from an ‘unknown source’ that could trigger a cease and desist letter. We work with a wide variety of photographers for your custom and unique images.

Our Services

‘SoCalCreations Pickups where your Site Developer left off.’  Do we do site design, sure, but this is not our specialty. Think of SoCalCreations as the ‘under the hood’ services. That is to say, everything that gets your site up and running, it’s health, it’s stability and ability to connect and speak with other services on the Internet…. that’s us!


Great question. The simple answer is not all website hosting plans are the same.   Most small companies choose ‘shared hosting’. So there are limitations on security and speed at the very least.  If your website is already hosted, depending on the host and the plan you have selected, there may be other limitations as well.  Part of SoCalCreations services are to review your current hosting company vs your sites traffic patterns as current services.  Our goal is to get your site to load well under the Google’s suggested time of 3 seconds, even on shared hosting.

  • Maintenance 95%
  • Security 90%
  • Backup/Restore 100%
  • Malware Removal 95%
  • OnSite SEO 90%
  • Site Design 70%
  • Speed Enhancement 80%
Security & Backup: Out of the Top Active Million Sites on the Internet, just over 52% (1) use WordPress. Of those 16.6% (2) of the WordPress sites are on the latest versions. With over 83% on older versions with known security issues, How long will it be before you site is attacked? – Learn More
Search Engine Optimization: On-Site SEO is critical it communicating your sites categorical information to Google and Bing.  Without it the Search Bots maybe confused as to the purpose of your site and miss categorize it, leaving 1000’s of potential clients from finding your products, services or educational content.
Consent / Legal: If your site is viewed in the EU you must have legal information about cookies.  In addition if you sell anything, including affiliate products or services there must be a compensation disclosure in addition to your sites Terms & Policies.  The US legal system is getting more stringent on these and Google and Bing are now looking for this information.
Engagement: On Site & Social Media engagement is key to entice visitor return, list building and building new clients through Social Media.

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