Why Share Our Resources?

Why NOT Share our Resources?¬† Quality Products and Resources are key elements to running an online, expanding, or starting a new online business, especially if you are using the WordPress Platform to build your online presence. The products or services we have listed below have all been used or are being used by our company. Our confidence in using them have expanded our business, but more importantly, saved us time and resources [another way of saying money ūüėČ ]. Here is our list of quality vendors and services providers, that we proudly USE and RECOMMEND. We do receive minor compensation in the form of an affiliate compensation or free product as a result of your business with them through our links (shameful disclosure).¬† We also do our best to offer links with significant discounts, because we know starting or improving a business, especially an online one doesn’t need to break the budget. We trust that the following will help you and if you have an otherwise experience, please use our feedback form to the right and tell us.

WordPress Themes

Elegant Themes

Easily one of the most friendly and easiest to setup themes that have a very professional look that will transform your or your clients web site within a few clicks. Great Designs – They are HTML5 and CSS3 compliant and almost all of them have the feature of responsive design, which means they will work on any device. | Advanced Features – simple interface for minimal effort for fabulous output in just a few clicks. | Great Support – the support forums are very quick, the team at Elegant Themes is right on top of their clients questions and you can even get some advanced support which extremely helpful. THEY EVEN HAVE PLUGINS! CLICK HERE TO GET MORE INFORMATION


Divi offers the most flexibility for custom design, layout and human as well as SEO integration.  It is constantly being updated and has grown to one of the top 3 themes in WordPress in under 2 years.

image Elegant Themes Logo

WP Beaver Builder

WP Beaver Builder is a complete design system that includes a page builder plugin and a framework theme. It allows us to do rapid prototyping with a front end design element like no other theme available for WordPress. ¬†This is our MAIN Go To Plugin and framework them if we want to “Visually Interact” with the client in their office or over Skype, Google Hangouts, GotoMeeting or any other virtual presence communication. ¬†Simple sites with stunning features and amazing customization can be done quickly, yet it is powerful enough to handle our high end clients requirements. ¬†Since WPBeaverBuilder is a plugin, we can use it with 90+% of any existing WordPress theme and “refresh” the look of their site.

I recommend Beaver Builder because it allows customers to change the text or photo on a page easily.” ¬†–¬†Chris Lema,¬†WordPress Expert &¬†Daily Blogger

image WPBeaverBuilder Logo


No Affiliate Fee here, but we just LOVE WooThemes, especially their Canvas theme which is GREAT for advanced Theme Developers who wish to throw together a great look within a few days.¬† If you like the FREE WooTheme Plugins [Projects | Features | Testimonials | WooCommerce | WooDoJo AND MANY MORE] & Take a look at their FREE THEMES !!!¬† This company just ROCKs Out some Great Products that you will truly enjoy in your WordPress projects.¬† As we said, there is NO Affiliate Compensation here, it’s just that we like WooThemes That Much!

image WooThemes Logo

Website / Hosting Resources


We RUN on AND Recommend BlueHost for SO MANY REASONS,

  • 24 hour support
  • instant &¬†auto WordPress upgrades
  • including MANY OTHER Content Management Systems
  • Shopping Carts
  • SSL Certificates
  • SPAM protected domain name email service (great spam protection)
  • PHP5
  • Custom php.ini refinements
  • Full Control over Domain Records

The Biggest Feature, Cloud Hosting, we recommend all of our Clients for BlueHost, we migrated them, would you like us to migrate your site(s) РCLICK NOW TO CHECK OUT BLUEHOST.com !

image BlueHose ppc-banners


We recommend Hostmonster for SO MANY REASONS, 24 hour support, instant and auto WordPress upgrades, including MANY OTHER Content Management Systems, Shopping Carts, SSL Certificates, SPAM protected domain name email service (great spam protection). Some Advance Features include PHP5, custom php.ini files, full control over your Domain Records and much much more. We have been using HostMonster for nearly 8 years now, all of our Clients are on HostMonster, why aren’t you? CLICK NOW TO CHECK THEM OUT!

image HostMonster ppc-banners-dynamic-300x250

Online / Cloud Storage


All the features you need to keep your personal files safe, accessible, and easy to share.  Powerful collaboration, advanced security and control, and all the space you need to work without limits.

  • As much space as needed
  • Unlimited file recovery
  • MS Office 365 integration
  • Unlimited 3rd party integrations
  • Remote wipe
  • Password-protected links
  • Email and phone support
  • Powerful admin tools
  • Advanced collaboration tools
  • Simple user management

This is perfect for any business, natural and simple to use. ¬†Online storage won’t replace local storage any time soon, however having all your files synchronized and which folders you need on what device allows for great flexibility, especially if you have a limited storage, say a MacBook Air with only 128gb. ¬†Give DropBox a try NOW!!!

Similar applications we recommend as well SugarSync, Windows Live Sync, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Omnidrive, Copy, iCloud.

image dropbox logo

Marketing / Connecting


Everyone has an email, but do you have a GREAT Signature that attracts the eyes of your recipient and tempts them with your products or services? If you have a gMail (personal or business), Outlook, Yahoo or AOL, MAKE an IMPACT with your email signature.¬† Place in front of your recipients the idea that you can solve their problems with your products or solutions.¬† AND DON’T for get to include your social networks, email apps, instant message contact links, design your professional signature!¬† Products for Personal and Business (see their Web Page Today!) Start with the FREE, but you’ll want to upgrade to the Pro for only $36 a year, which CONVERTS MUCH BETTER!!! Trust US on that one! ¬†Free Training on WiseStamp¬†on YouTube !

Image WiseStamp logo


MailChimp is FREE and can GROW with your business and is ideal for the beginning company or one just starting marketing and staying in touch with their clients and customers. ¬†We recommend MailChimp, not just because we use them, but it’s a solid and easy to use platform with a TON of Resources and Tutorials that ANYONE can understand. ¬†So if you are new or looking to switch to a more robust, easy to use email contact system, MailChimp might fit your budget, experience or needs. Check out and Get Started with MailChimp Today !

image MailChimp

Business Resources


FreshBooks is the #1 cloud accounting solution designed for small business owners, with 5 Million Accounts in over 120 countries. “We knew billing should be painless.” They Support Collaboration with Team Time Sheets and Online Invoicing ANYWHERE, Tablet, Smart Phone (Android & IOS), and Yes, Even your Computer. With Amazing Customer support, we have been a client for YEARS, it truly helps our invoicing and our CPA. Learn more about FreshBooks on YouTube !

image FreshBooks Logo


Everyone needs to ‘hold on’ to their ideas or thoughts and recall them at a moments notice when it is most convenient.¬† Evernote does this beautifully by allowing just about anything to be placed inside and recalled on any device, Windows, Mac OS, IOS, Android, even anywhere you have Internet access through their website. The ability to place notes, active hyperlinks, web clips, voice dictation, images, multi-media and more, all of it is synch securely in the cloud. Recently added, two-step verification to increase the security of your ‘memory’.¬† The ability to do universal search, categorize and tagging, means you will find anything you need at a moments notice on whatever device you have in your hand. If you have a team of people, they have that covered to with their Evernote for business edition.¬† Please use our feedback option to the right and submit your email for a special offer link to be sent to you inbox. (we do not spam, sell or give away emails) Free Training on Evernote on YouTube !

image evernote logo


We are surrounded by our tablets, smartphones and yes even our laptops and computers still.¬† However we always seem to have a pen to write things down to communicate, have you ever wanted to NOT Translate your notes in to your computer?¬† We all know we can speak faster than we write, or the case actually is we are writing and have an additional thought and can’t seem to write it fast enough to get the new thought on paper…. Livescribe thought about this and allows you to add audio commentary on the fly. The Livescribe series of pens allows you to write and remember, even share your writing directly to Evernote or Microsoft’s OneNote.¬† This LINK, or the Image will give you a 15% discount on your new memory device today!

image LiveScribe Smartpens logo


Amazon?!¬† We know, yet another link to Amazon. But think of this, have you ever used Amazon to “Save you Time”?¬† Sure we all ‘browse’ or ‘follow’ links to Amazon Products, but do you ever shop for convenience?¬† You want to send out a gift for a friend, relative, client for any occasion.¬† Sure we would love to spend the personal time, the thought and care, even the wrapping and handwritten note to those that help us in life and they would love to receive it.¬† But you are in business, most likely just starting out and Time is a very precious resource.¬† Take the time if you have it, personal contacts are spreading far and thin way too fast, but to tell and keep those special people, use Amazon to send something they could use, they will appreciate it.¬† MOST OFTEN they already HAVE a WISHLIST, see what they are asking for, they will love you for it.

image Amazon

Learning WordPress


Education is the single most set of questions we get.¬† While we are HAPPY to Answer your questions on “How to….”, we know you will get more satisfaction from learning how to do the ‘simple’ things in WordPress.

Who’s got time to read boring tech books?

The WordPress 101 video tutorial series will teach you how to use WordPress to create and manage your own website in about an hour! ALL Videos are UP To Date and continually updated!

image WP101
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