WordPress Maintenance Service

We here at SoCalCreations believe that Security is a focal point of any website, so you will see many references to not just security, but preventative methods.

Our WordPress Maintenance Service is part of that security.  Maintenance is not just about having your WordPress site updated, which nearly 97% are not, its about having your Themes and Plugins not only updated, but reviewed for compatibility.



With the release of WordPress version 3.7, core security updates are automatically applied to your WordPress website.  However other features and upgrades are not and for good reason.  If a custom theme or plugin is utilized, these updates could cause disruption in your website or taken it down completely.  So it is critical to have a backup and then test these new updates for compatibility…. you would not want to loose a potential client would you?  Neither would we.



As with core updates it is just as important that your theme preform the way you want your site seen and to be experienced by your visitors.  Updating a theme without testing it against the latest version of WordPress or the sites plugins, again could result in a poor experience for your visitors and potential clients.  We have seen many websites purposely NOT UPGRADE their WordPress core files, because it will break their theme customizations.  This is usually a result of poor design of a custom theme where by a purchased or free theme was modified directly instead of using the preferred method of child themes.   We can alleviate this issue as well if this is your issue and can not upgrade your WordPress, threatening the security of your website.



Plugins extend the features of WordPress by adding functionality such as having a membership site, selling digital products, or even back end features like telling the Internet about any new content you have created and especially the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of that content you spent time creating.   Plugins are crucial to many websites and probably to yours as well, whether you know about them or know how to use them.  The security issues here are the same if plugins are not updated correctly thoroughly tested.  Lately there has been a lot of NEWs about WordPress plugin security [news.google.com search wordpress] of how sites have been heavily targeted and attacked through plugins with security issues.  One such issue had Google Banning over 11,000 WordPress Websites, do you want to take that sort of risk?

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